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Daylight Lamps

The Daylight Company is the leading market innovator in specialty lighting in the art, needlework, craft, low vision, heathy/beauty and industrial sectors in Europe, the USA, and Australia. Established in London in 1987, the business developed following the recognition that artists and needleworkers needed quality lighting in their working environments.

We aim to provide quality that our customers can trust and rely upon. Quality begins with our new product design, which is done in-house, and is based on over 30 years of accumulated experience of designing and manufacturing lamps. Throughout the development process, the needs and expectations of our customers are at the heart of what we do.

New products are meticulously tested, and we carefully select only the best components. We implement strict manufacturing and post manufacturing tests and have systems in place to monitor and measure reliability and consistency. We make every effort to make the smallest improvement. Our products are designed to last.

  •  With our customers, we strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, encouraging feedback that informs our improvement and innovation of products and processes.
  • During manufacture we strictly monitor adherence to our quality standards.
  • With our employees, we promote an attitude that reflects the value of a premium quality brand, encouraging trust, accountability and creativity. Our processes include hiring professionally, in-house and external training, and continuous reviews of competencies.
  • We take our social responsibilities seriously, especially the long-term protection of customers using our products, which all conform to the highest safety standards. Our products are equipped with long life SMD LEDs that are very low in energy consumption.

Our products meet all legal requirements in our major markets (UK, European Union, USA, Canada and Australia). At Daylight, we positively welcome obtaining official approval of our products and see this as part of our commitment to the highest quality standards. We are members of the LIA (Lighting Industry Association) and adhere to their code of practice.

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